Who does AGFAF support?

 AGFAF primarily assists academically qualified Afghan students who seeking higher education and agree to return home following college, graduate school, or a meaningful Optional Practical Training ("OPT") experience. We also support qualified students seeking to study in Afghanistan or in regional colleges and universities. Those we support, self-identify as committed to using their education to bring about social change and gender equality in Afghanistan. 

AGFAF primarily supports women's education but also provides assistance to a limited number of Afghan men. 

AGFAF is not for everyone. Those who do not intend to return to Afghanistan or are uncertain about whether they will return after completing their education should not apply to AGFAF for support.  

What support does AGFAF provide?

     AGFAF does not provide funds for tuition, room or board at US colleges. Rather, our program is designed to cover the additional expenses associated with attending school in the US such as health insurance, books, travel and other educational expenses. 

In addition, AGFAF ensures emotional and personal support through host family and mentor relationships.


We also help students secure meaningful internships in Afghanistan, cultivating important relationships with their country's change agents.

Financial and mentor support is provided to students who choose to spend their summer breaks developing pre-approved in-country impact projects.

AGFAF's expectations?

Students are expected to become change agents in their country. To this end, all students are expected to spend their summers in Afghanistan to maintain family and cultural ties and to gather experience through summer employment. Those students studying in the US may remain in the US for one summer during their undergraduate education if they have secured a special academic or work opportunity directly related to their field of study and have AGFAF's consent. 

Throughout the year, students are encouraged to develop plans for and/or implement impact projects on-the-ground in Afghanistan which are intended to benefit those who have not been afforded the same access to education.

In addition, students are expected to comply with AGFAF's terms and agreement of support, the college’s rules of conduct and all country laws. 

How are students selected?

AGFAF students are selected because of their leadership potential and their demonstrated commitment to creating impactful change in Afghanistan. 

All students regardless of where they study are part of the AGFAF community and all work together on in-country initiatives to help the Afghan people. Initiatives undertaken prior to AGFAF admissions will reflect favorably on applicants.

A high level of academic achievement and significant financial need must also be demonstrated. 

AGFAF invites students of all ethnic, social and religious backgrounds to apply.

Applying to AGFAF

Those who are interested in securing AGFAF support for either US or in-country funding must complete our application which requires substantial information including, but not limited to, prior education, work, health, financial condition (family as well), visa history, relationships with other organizations and TOEFL/IELTS scores. Applicants will be asked to interview with an AGFAF representative. 

All information submitted must be honest and complete. If new circumstances arise after completion of an application, AGFAF must be promptly notified of any changes and/or new facts. Any finding that information submitted was not truthfully or fully reported will subject a student to possible suspension or cancellation of AGFAF support.   

Applying to colleges

Applicants are expected to work cooperatively with AGFAF as school admission and required funding is sought. AGFAF has developed a number of high level relationships with colleges and universities. We use these to try and secure placements and support. This approach most often means a focus on one school, not many. While different than the "standard college application practice" it is what AGFAF has found works best and students are expected to comply with this approach. 


Students who have independently applied to and been accepted by a college or university and are in need of additional financial support are welcome to contact AGFAF for consideration.