At AGFAF we believe in the transformative power of education. Our program is designed to provide financial and mentoring support to highly qualified students which compliments their academic scholarships and provides them with the opportunity to work in Afghanistan on projects to improve the lives of the Afghan people.

Over time, we have come to understand that education comes in many forms and each student's needs are unique. The result is a multifaceted approach to supporting education and enhancing our impact.  

Historically, students have received financial support of their 4 year US education as well as 3 years of summer internship and impact project support. While remaining focused on the education of excellent students who demonstrate their commitment to the Afghan people through the projects they undertake, we have recently expanded our model to include in-country and regional collegiate education, in-country high school education and unique need circumstances. 

We accomplish our goal of providing access to education through our following programs:

Fatima, AGFAF graduate


Educating young Afghans, primarily women, and empowering them to improve the lives of the Afghan people is the foundation on which AGFAF was conceived. 

Our students are selected through a rigorous application and interview process, helping us identify some of the best and brightest young Afghans. AGFAF works closely with qualified applicants in identifying educational opportunities and securing financial aid. At times, applicants have already gained college admittance and require support to bridge a financial gap in their scholarship award.

In addition to the financial piece, AGFAF provides emotional, academic and project support during each student's four year college career.



Circumstances may make it preferable or necessary for a student to pursue their college education in Afghanistan or other country within the region. Similarly to their US colleagues, these students require additional financial support. Application and interview requirements apply. 

In-country and regional scholars are beneficiaries of the same support as our US scholars and collaborate with other AGFAF scholars during the year in the development and maintenance of impact projects in Afghanistan. 

High school students attend an informational AGFAF session


 In Afghanistan, the tuition charged at some high schools can be insurmountable for an Afghan family. Several hundred dollars can be a life altering amount of money in these cases. Through an application and selection process we are able to send some of these deserving students to high school for minimal cost while also keeping in mind the potential for these students to one day join our college scholars. 

As with our college scholars, these students are encouraged to develop or participate in projects that directly benefit their communities.  

For more information contact Nasir Kaihan at nkaihan@agfaf.org

Shah, strategic support scholar


From time to time a student's academic life is thrown into peril by an unexpected change in scholarship support. A sponsor reneges, a school reduces promised financial support, etc. This is more true in Afghanistan than the US. 

AGFAF now accepts applications from students in such circumstances and admits students to the AGFAF community of scholars using the same admissions criteria.

 AGFAF's SES students costs less to support but generate the same valuable outcome of an educated student who has demonstrated their commitment to making life in Afghanistan better. Those studying in Afghanistan, are very likely to remain in country after completing their education.

For more information, contact us at info@agfaf.org 

Zinat, project based scholar


 Through our local presence in Kabul and student supported projects, AGFAF has become known to college students in Afghanistan and regionally. AGFAF now admits such college students to its program using the same admission criteria. These students have a proven academic record and complete academic scholarship support. They desire to be part of the AGFAF community to work on projects, thus developing project based skills and earning a summer stipend to help support their college education. 

As with SES, these students costs less to support but generate the same valuable outcome -- an educated student with demonstrated commitment to making life in Afghanistan better. They are very likely to return to or remain in Afghanistan after graduation. 

 For more information, contact us at info@agfaf.org  

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