Gawharshad University, Kabul


Zainab Zinat Temori, 21, was born and raised in Kabul. She started her primary education in 2004 at Sorya Girls High School. She then pursued her intermediary school at Asef Mayel Girls High School. Zainab graduated from Asef Mayel High School in 2016. Zinat is currently in her sophomore year at Gawharshad University in Kabul pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in law. 

Zinat has volunteered as an administrative assistant and taught English language to underserved and at-risk children and youth. Due to financial limitations, she was not able to start her college education until 2018. Zinat has also worked at AGFAF’s Baale Parwaz Library.


Currently Zinat is attending university and working on an AGFAF sponsored project designed to help five poor and internally displaced families become self-sufficient. These families fled to Kabul after Taliban attacks. By providing hens and a rooster, the families will be able to reestablish their business of selling eggs to support themselves. They will also have eggs to eat. The women will be helped to find places to sell their embroidery work and their school age street-working sons will be helped to find apprenticeships and schooling opportunities. 

Zinat’s hobbies revolve around music, writing poetry and football. She likes to take photographs of street children and met the families she is helpling while photographing one of their sons.