Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania


Yasameen Mohammadi is originally from Ghazni, Afghanistan, but she spent most of her childhood as a refugee living in Pakistan. She returned to Kabul when she was nine years old and attended Marefat High School. As a position holder and active student in middle school, she was picked to join a culture exchange program called Children Culture Connection, through which she was able to secure a scholarship to attend an international school in Minnesota to commence her high school. Determined to get the best education, Yasameen then applied and was admitted to continue her education at Blair Academy. Acing Blair Academy, she then went to attend Bucknell University in the fall of 2016. Yasameen, a senior at Bucknell, has been on Dean’s list since her first year.

Yasameen’s life is drastically changed by the education, experiences and opportunities she has been given. In the summer of 2017, she spent her summer break participating in two programs at Bucknell: the Institute for Leadership in Sustainable Technology (ILST) program and the Institute for Leadership in Technology & Management (ILTM) program. Through these programs, she got to practice her leadership skills and learn management consulting, which she applied to her personal projects. Committed to help others have similar and or better educational and personal growth opportunities, Yasameen initiated the very first Braille library in Kabul Afghanistan at the Kabul School for Blind in the summer of 2018. The Armaan Braille Library accommodates up to 200 students and other visually impaired individuals in the community on a weekly basis. To further her outreach, Yasameen interned with Save the Children in Belgrade Serbia during the summer of 2019, where she helped the incoming refugees with rehabilitation programs, identified at-risk and traumatized children, provided support for them and served as a translator to Pashto, Dari and Urdu speakers. 


Yasameen realizes the value of education and is devoted to help more and more people have access to it to not only change their lives for the better but to enable them to help others.