Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts


Simin Saba Royesh is a senior at Smith College pursuing her BA in Education & Child Studies. As one of the recipients of McKinley Honors Fellowship, she is currently researching the relationship between STEM and identity in middle school girls. Previously, she was a research intern at Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education, a House Community Advisor at Smith College Residential Life Office, a curriculum developer for MakerGhat Makerspace in India, and a student-teacher intern at Harvest Collegiate High School in NYC. In summer 2018, she opened one of the first cafes, Afra, in their neighborhood in Kabul, Afghanistan with two friends.

Other than pursuing her interests in women's financial independence and girls’ STEM education, Simin enjoys dark chocolate, dark coffee, and dark black tea accompanied by a book or a crime TV series in her room. She also loves traveling and doing different activities in nature while enjoying her playlist of songs from around the world. So if you, ever, are looking for Simin outside Smith, you'll be sure to find her in one of the surrounding neighborhoods in Northampton exploring and listening to classical music! Otherwise, she is planning the next hiking trip with the Outing Club or studying with her friends at Campus Cafe. Although Simin uses Instagram as her ultimate source to keep up with the world news and learn about animal wildlife, she still prefers reading hardcover books. 

Fun fact: Simin is a writoholic who envisions her future career as the CEO of a technology company in Afghanistan that builds learning tools specifically designed to decrease the gender and socioeconomic gaps in STEM fields.