Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut


Hanifa Darwish was born on October 3rd, 1999 and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan. Living in Afghanistan had provided her with opportunities to grow and develop in her personal life but not much in her professional life until she was fortunate enough to run the Baale Parwaz Library when she was a high school student. Her passion for education led her to launch many activities and classes in the library and help hundreds of young women enhance their educational skills and abilities. 

She is a sophomore at Trinity College and plans to major in computer science and minor in creative writing.  

During the summer of 2019, Hanifa worked tirelessly to bring to life one of her biggest dreams of building a library for the children of her hometown in Afghanistan. With the mentoring of Joe Highland and the financial support of Afghan Girls Financial Assistance Fund she successfully built the very first children's library, the BPL Children's Library at a primary school in Kabul. Her aim by creating the children library is to promote the reading culture in Afghanistan, because Afghanistan ranks low in per capita book reading. The country is still at war, so children don’t have a lot of opportunities to talk freely and ask questions.  She believes in the power of books and reading to enlighten a path that has been lost for decades and wishes to bring the book culture back to life. 

Hanifa is also working on another project to make reusable menstrual pads for women in her country.

She believes in education and new ways to promote women awareness. After pursuing her education, she wishes to return to her country and take an active part in making her country sophisticated and developed.