Drew University, Madison, New Jersey


I am Frozan which means brightness in my language. I am a double major student in business and international relations and I am thinking of getting a minor in Spanish.

I was born and grew up in a war zone country with a big dream. My dream is to start my own business and hire a female staff. It may seem a very small or meaningless dream to others but it is one part of my lifetime goal and dream to help women in my country. 

I have accomplished a small part of my dream by establishing Roshnayee Library for girls during the summer of 2019 with AGFAF's help and sponsorship. When I look at those girls I imagine a very different future for them. I feel that the library is going to change their lives. It is my goal to give them hope and make them work harder. Many of them have thanked me for the library. When I hear them talking it makes me cry - I wish I could do more for them. 

Before coming to the US, I wrote short stories and most of them are published. I also worked as an English instructor in a private English language center.